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The College of Biologists of Catalonia honors the work of IrsiCaixa researcher Javier Martinez-Picado with the 2024 Biologist Day award

Premi Javier Martinez Picado

The Board of Governors of the College of Biologists of Catalonia has announced the 8 awardees for the 2024 Biologist Day, and Javier Martínez-Picado has been recognized in the research category

Since 2017, the College of Biologists of Catalonia has been organizing the Biologist Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the work of professionals in the field of biology. This year's awards, announced by the Board of Governors, include Javier Martínez-Picado in the research category.

Martínez-Picado, the principal researcher at IrsiCaixa and an ICREA professor, has been commended for his scientific merits, particularly in the realms of research and innovation. He shares this distinction with Jorge Diogène. Additionally, Lluís Montoliu and Sergi Tudela have been awarded as Honorary Members, Rosa Flos and Xavier Testar for their professional trajectory, Gemma Marfany for her work in bioentrepreneurship, and Pere Renom for his contributions to the field of biological/scientific communication.

The organization has highlighted the importance of the work of these 8 individuals, who are contributing prestige, knowledge, innovation, and excellent work in their biology specialties.

About Biologist Day

Biologist Day is celebrated annually on April 25th by the College of Biologists of Catalonia. This day serves as a tribute to biology professionals, aiming to elevate the status of the biologist profession and garner greater societal recognition. The choice of April 25th is symbolic, commemorating the historic moment in 1953 when James Watson and Francis Crick published the structure of DNA in the journal Nature. The date aligns with the organization's logo, featuring a double helix of DNA, representing and advocating for professionals in the field of biology.

The award itself is a testament to the exceptional contributions of individuals or entities, regardless of their membership status, who have significantly enhanced the prestige of the biology profession through scientific merits or valuable services to the field.

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