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We work in a project-based approach to address health promotion challenges, as well as challenges related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Imatge de Projectes

The Living Lab works in the following innovation networks that address two broad categories of challenges:

Prevention, diagnostic, and therapeutic challenges

  • Long COVID programme. Promotion of more collaborative and integral healthcare and R&I in the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, IrsiCaixa, Fight Infections Foundation, and Barcelona Northern Metropolitan Area.

Health promotion challenges

  • Alison Innovation Network. Promotion of healthy and sustainable food in neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona with the support of the FoodClic, FOSTER, and CLEVERFOOD projects. First pilot with more than 25 organizations with the EC funded project Fit4Food2030 and the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab.
  • Sentinel Schools. We pilot comprehensive health prevention and promotion interventions in educational centres, empowering students to become agents of health promotion in collaboration with other social actors and relevant organizations. Driven by the Government of Catalonia, in collaboration with the European project CONNECT, which promotes participatory research in educational centres. Three pilots implemented with more than 45 educational centres focusing on the prevention of airborne infectious diseases and the promotion of emotional well-being (Sana Ment Comprehensive Intervention).
  • STEAMXChange (EduCaixa programme, promoted by the “la Caixa” Foundation). Development of methodological guidelines and multimedia educational resources to empower students to become change agents using participatory research methodologies that are implemented with the community through system approaches. Health challenges: responsible eating habits, vaccination and mental health. Health challenges: virtual experiments, videos, experiment protocols, and debate games, among others.
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