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Antiviral Research publishes a special issue about the twenty-five years of antiretroviral drug developement

The Antiviral Research Journal, the official publication of the Internacional Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR), has published a special issue about the twenty-five years of Antiretroviral Drug Development. One of the journal's editors is José Esté, a researcher at IrsiCaixa and the head of the Viral Entry and Pathogenesis research group. Find below acces to the 24th papers published in this special edition.





1. S. Broder

The development of antiretroviral therapy and its impact on the HIV-1/AIDS pandemic


2. E. De Clercq

In search of a selective therapy of viral infections


3. J.A. Esté, T. Cihlar

Current status and challenges of antiretroviral research and therapy


Agents for the Treatment and Prophylaxis of HIV Infection


4. J. C. Martin, M.J.M. Hitchcock, E. De Clercq, W. H. Prusoff

Early nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for the treatment of HIV: A brief history of stavudine (D4T) and its comparison with other dideoxynucleosides


5. T. Cihlar, A. S. Ray

Nucleoside and nucleotide HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors: 25 years after zidovudine


6. A.M.J. Wensing, N.M. van Maarseveen, M. Nijhuis

Fifteen years of HIV Protease Inhibitors: raising the barrier to resistance


7. M.-P. de Béthume

Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs), their discovery, development, and use in the treatment of HIV-1 infection: A review of the last 20 years (1989–2009)


8. J.C. Tilton, R.W. Doms

Entry inhibitors in the treatment of HIV-1 infection


9. D.J. McColl, X. Chen

Strand transfer inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase: Bringing IN a new era of antiretroviral therapy


10. C.S. Adamson, E.O. Freed

Novel approaches to inhibiting HIV-1 replication


11. R.W. Buckheit Jr., K.M. Watson, K.M. Morrow, A.S. Ham

Development of topical microbicides to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV


Development and Use of Antiretrovirals


12. K.K.A. Van Rompay

Evaluation of antiretrovirals in animal models of HIV infection


13. L. Dickinson, S. Khoo, D. Back

Pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interactions of antiretrovirals: An update


14. V. Tozzi

Pharmacogenetics of antiretrovirals


15. T. Hawkins

Understanding and managing the adverse effects of antiretroviral therapy


16. L. Menéndez-Arias

Molecular basis of human immunodeficiency virus drug resistance: An update


17. L.K. Naeger, K.A. Struble, J.S. Murray, D.B. Birnkrant

Running a tightrope: Regulatory challenges in the development of antiretrovirals


Pathogenesis and Management of HIV Infection


18. A.R. Zolopa

The evolution of HIV treatment guidelines: Current state-of-the-art of ART


19. R. Paredes, B. Clotet

Clinical management of HIV-1 resistance


20. M. Penazzato, D. Donà, P.-S. Wool, O. Rampon, C. Giaquinto

Update on antiretroviral therapy in paediatrics


21. J. Fox, S. Fidler

Sexual transmission of HIV-1


22. V. Dahl, L. Josefsson, S. Palmer

HIV reservoirs, latency, and reactivation: Prospects for eradication


23. J.N. Blankson

Effector mechanism in HIV-1 infected elite controllers: Highly active immune responses?


24. V. Soriano, E. Vispo, P. Labarga, J. Medrano, P. Barreiro

Viral hepatitis and HIV co-infection

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