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Sara Morón López

Senior research scientist

Sara Moron-Lopez obtained a degree in Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2011, an MSc in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona in 2012 and an MSc in AIDS Pathogenesis and Treatment from Gimbernat – Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2014. After receiving a grant for the recruitment of new research staff (FI 2013) from the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (Catalan Government), she launched her career in HIV research and joined Javier Martinez-Picado’s team at IrsiCaixa in 2013. She obtained a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (Honours) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2016. A year after completing her PhD, Sara moved to the University of California San Francisco (San Francisco, California, USA) to continue her post-doctoral research on HIV field.

Since early 2021, she came back to IrsiCaixa to work in Javier Martinez-Picado’s team on the mechanisms that regulate viral persistence.

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