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Lluís Revilla Sancho


His interest in biology and engineering led him to study Biotechnology and later zoom in bioinformatics. As a bioinformatician his research has been in multiple fields along his career from undergraduate to post doctoral fellow: Pichia pastoris metabolism, alcoholic liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease and currently in host genetics and cellular immunology. His focus lately has been in data integration from multiple omics. His desire in improving the delivery of results has led him to pick interest in enrichment analysis methods to provide better biological insight to handle the amounts of data and provide them to the community he learnt system administration and research software engineering best practices to improve his coding skills.

He mainly uses R to gather data and answer questions to provide insights and make informed decisions. He collaborates with some organizations international organizations in the R community such as the  R Foundation, Bioconductor, R Consortium, and rOpenSci.

He also uses his skills to make data accessible from a variety of places from public information to government and open data, such as Twitter and the Spanish Official State Gazette.  He also enjoys hiking in the Pyrenees or local landscape, jumping rope, and diabolo as hobbies.

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