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Epigenetic landscape in the kick-and-kill therapeutic vaccine BCN02 clinical trial is associated with antiretroviral treatment interruption (ATI) outcome.

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Background: The BCN02-trial combined therapeutic vaccination with a viral latency reversing agent (romidepsin, RMD) in HIV-1-infected individuals and included a monitored antiretroviral pause (MAP) as an efficacy read-out identifying individuals with an early or late ( or > 4weeks) viral-rebound. Integrated -omics analyses were applied prior treatment interruption to identify markers of virus control during MAP.

Methods: PBMC, whole-genome DNA methylation and transcriptomics were assessed in 14 BCN02 participants, including 8 Early and 4 Late viral-rebound individuals. Chromatin state, histone marks and integration analysis (histone-3 acetylation (H3Ac), viral load, proviral levels and HIV-specific T cells responses) were included. REDUC-trial samples (n = 5) were included as a control group for RMD administration alone.

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